films ita zbroniec zajt

dir.Ola Jankowska
10' documentary // 2010

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HD / Poland / PWSFTViT

An attempt to capture the mood of evanescence and devouring sensation of desolation, which overwhelm one enigmatic place. Kłomino is a surrounded by forests, abandonded by people and forgotten by the world, town in north western Poland. After WW2 it was inhibited by Soviet soldiers and their families, quartering in the territory of Poland. In 1992, in a result of USSR collapse, they all had to depart, leaving behind deserted blocks of flats, school and even a cinema…

Screening in competition at the 13th IFF New Horizons
Screening at the Cinessonne European Film Festival in 2011
Nomination in the film section of the “Worth it” award 2011 for cinematography